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Book of Anonymity

Digital technologies challenge what anonymity means, how it might be achieved and why it matters. Based on three years of interdisciplinary research, this publication brings together artistic and scholarly investigations of anonymity’s current conditions and possibilities.

Digital Imaginaries

The three-year, three-city exhibition, festival, publication and research project Digital Imaginaries brought together artists, makers, architects, and social scientists to examine digital futures in Dakar, Johannesburg and Karlsruhe.

Dying Together. Humans, Earth, Futures

In the Dying Together series of theatre performances, actors and audiences examine collective death to contemplate how we live together with humans, earth and futures.

Seismographic Sounds

Seismograhic Sounds presented a dizzying array of contemporary video clips, tracks, sound art, interviews, critical interventions and debates from around the globe in search of – Visions of a New World.