Digital Imaginaries

The three-year, three-city exhibition, festival, publication and research project Digital Imaginaries brought together artists, makers, architects, and social scientists to examine digital futures in Dakar, Johannesburg and Karlsruhe.

Dying Together. Humans, Earth, Futures

In the Dying Together series of theatre performances, actors and audiences examine collective death to contemplate how we live together with humans, earth and futures.

Europe Endless Express

Seven hundred guests, thinkers, performers, staff and artists on a train of thought, theatre and dance from Amsterdam to Bratislava and back.

Fall 2 Again

In Fall 2, directed by Bas Jan Ader in 1970, Bas Jan Ader rides his bike into a canal in Amsterdam. In Fall 2 Again, enacted by Julien McHardy in 2011, Julien McHardy rides his bike into a canal in Lancaster.